Fashion Fixes for the Pint Sized Athletic Builts

After years and years of trial and error in the fashion department, I have finally come up with exactly which styles and cuts of clothing compliment my body type (5’4 athletic build with a longer torso). While this does mean skipping out on some of the “it” styles now and then, it also means that I can shop and try on clothing without so many of the “but it looked so good on the model!” thoughts running through my head. So to all you shorter, athletic built ladies, try out these flattering pieces! And to everyone else, they’re still super cute so you should check them out anyway!


1. Slouchy Long Sleeve ($30) Paired with shorter bottoms, slouchy tops of really any kind can accentuate and slim out bare legs or tighter fitting anything

2. Cinch Waisted Dress ($58) Anything with a cinch will automatically create the allusion of curves. I prefer to go for higher waisted cinches like this one as they lengthen the legs.

3. Skinny Jeans ($78) I think skinny jeans are universally flattering and with the high waist can also lengthen legs. And since wearing regular length jeans requires me to roll the bottom several times, ankle jeans make the perfect full Laura-length jeans! I can’t be the only one who does this right?

4. Slightly Structured Skirt ($81) If you want to add a little more curve to a straighter silhouette, structured skirts are great for adding a little something extra

5. High Waisted Skirt ($50) High skirts that come up to or above your belly button give off the appearance of longer legs (especially if paired with heals)

6. OTK Boots ($180) Over the knee boots take a little more guts to wear but once you’re in these bad boys they’re surprisingly empowering and ever so elongating for the legs. (I feel slightly like Trinity whenever I sneak a stroll in my sister’s pair..)

7. Heels ($80) I don’t think this needs much explaining but in case you didn’t know, heels add mad length to a silhouette (especially nude ones!)


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