Sporty Spice

Maybe it’s just me but after eating all that I did this weekend, I’m still feeling like the roley poley puppy. I’ve been able to squeeze a few workouts in but still feel the need to bust my buns a little more and this crumby weather is not exactly providing the motivation I need to get out there. Maybe purchasing one or two of these pieces will give me motivation I so desperately need right about now! Who said functional and fashionable had to be mutually exclusive?


1. Cap ($20) I personally think that baseball cap style hats look fricken awesome on girls so I love accessorizing with these hats for long runs in the sun when I don’t feel like squinting

2. Top ($45) Sometimes it’s nice to shake up your regular spandex and plain white tee uniform with a little graphic design. Plus this one looks like it was taken straight from Tron so there’s that too

3. Vest ($100) Similar to caps, I think think vests look good on any and everyone. And when it becomes too warm for sweaters but too cold for tees, vests are perfect for brisk walks or runs during the Spring time

4. Sneakers ($100) I’m not usually one to go for bright, fun “look at me!” sneakers but I’m also getting pretty bored of my black and grey pair that I’ve had for a year now. I think these would make a great happy medium

5. Bra ($45) Ok so this may not be the most supportive bra but gosh darn it would look real cute under of a lose tank for one of your less intense workouts

6. Pants ($49) I have yet to take the plunge and buy a pair of funky, none black leggings but this pair seems like the perfect mixture of black, print, and my favorite color, teal!

7. Jacket ($55) The wind has been blowing HARD these past couple days in Boston so even though the temperature is slowly rising, I still may need something to shield me from the blustery weather we’re having

8. Hair Ties ($10) I wear these all the time regardless of whether or not I’m working out. They’re strong enough to hold through yoga or Pure Barre class but soft enough to leave your hair creaseless post-workout.


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