April Outfit Essentials

Happy April everyone! Ok I’m one day late but I still felt the need to celebrate the beginning of the month and more importantly, the end of Winter. With the weather FINALLY warming I wanted to share with you what I believe will be my wardrobe essentials for the month. Enjoy!


Boots – My big Christmas present this year were these puppies (I’d been wanting them forever) so when I opened them up only to have to shelve them for two months due to Juno and her friends this winter I was not happy. Needless to say we have a lot of wearing to catch up on.

Over The Knee Socks – While it was simply too cold and snowy for me to get away with OTK socks on bare legs this winter, I’m definitely going to pair these with some boots, skirts, and dresses this season.

White Jeans – Whoever came up with the “no white after labor day” rule is not on my good side because if I could wear white every day of the year I would. But they’re back and fashionable as ever! Everything goes with white.

Layerable Dress – I’m a big BIG fan of layering so when I find a simple piece that can be layered to transition from the cold with tights/long socks, a sweater, and a scarf thrown on top, to the warm with sneaks and a cardigan, I’m sold. Plus I’m loving this orangey-red color right now.

Blazer – As much as I love my cozy winter coats, I’m praying the weather warms up enough to the point where I can swap them out for blazers. They have the power to sharpen up any outfit while still looking chic and feminine.

Jacket – For those April showers days it’s great to have a jacket that is both water resistant and slightly insulating. I found this jacket looking for a not quite so expensive version of the Barbour one and I honestly could not be more happy with my purchase. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received for this one.

Colorful Scarf – I personally am addicted to scarves and wear them year round to brighten up my otherwise muted outfits. In the spring I tend to go with brighter colors or pastels as opposed to more earthy and neutral ones.

Bracelets – When looking for jewelry I’m always drawn to the more geometric pieces and when I came across these they were no exception. And three in one? Yes please!


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