Top 10 Perks of Being Single


Let me start off by saying that I have been in a handful of great relationships and would not change anything about my dating experiences as they’ve helped shaped me into the person I am today. But after dating pretty continuously from the beginning of 2010 to mid 2013, I realized I wanted to take some time for myself and really make sure that I was capable of not only being content on my own, but thriving as a single lady.

After almost two years of the single life, I can say with the utmost confidence that I have loved living this lifestyle. Here are my top ten reasons why:

1. You’re only responsible for yourself

You don’t have to think about anyone else’s plans when making plans for yourself. Last minute weekend trip with your college bestie? Heck yeah!

2. Less prep and grooming

Let’s just say you can save a lot on razors when you’re flying solo

3. More time with friends and family

We’ve all been guilty of spending more time with our significant others than our other loved ones at some point or another so now’s the time to make up for that!

4. Not feeling guilty for taking time by yourself

Anyone else ever felt the need to forgo date night for an exciting night alone with your Netflix account? It can’t be just me

5. You can figure out your likes and dislikes for future relationships

You can learn a lot about what you’re looking for in a guy (or girl) just by spending time with a lot of different types of people that you might not have been able to if you were already dating someone

6. No more couple fights!

Unless you’re the type of person that gets in fights with friends and family, the number of fights you have will definitely decrease!

7. Just less stress in general

“Why aren’t they texting me back?” “Is it normal to be that close with your ex?” “They should’ve called me by now” – Just a few of the thoughts that do not cross your mind when you’re single

8. Being able to focus on your career and other opportunities

There’s no better time to think about your career and other opportunities that may bring you to unexpected places, than when you have no one else’ future to worry about but your own

9. Figuring out who you are without the temptation to be someone you’re not

Learning how to grow and who you want to be on your own is much more fulfilling than changing for the sake of pleasing someone else

10. Realizing you can be happy on your own

Coming to the realization that you can feel happy, fulfilled, and lead a spontaneous and exciting life without the crutch that a relationship can be is honestly one of the most important realizations of my life thus far


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