Rules to Online Shop By

I have a love hate relationship with Online shopping. Some of my best purchases have been ones I’ve made online. On the other hand, so have some of my worst. Over the past decade I have honed my craft and while I still spend way too much time perusing online shops for hidden gems, my game has definitely improved. Here are some rules that I shop by:


1. Never buy anything on a whim.

Unless there is a time constraint on an item, give your must have shoes a day or two to sit on the shelf. Heck if you’re as stingy with your purchases as I am, give it a week! You’ll feel much better purchasing that item after you’ve thought it over and are 100% sure it is in fact must have material.

2. Do not buy beauty products that you have not had the chance to try on (or at least see) in person

Picking out beauty products that are the perfect color and shade for my skin tone is hard enough in a store, let alone on a screen. Often times I’ve found that colors look completely different in person than they did online and even when they do look similar, I never know what will suit me until I’ve tried it on for myself. 

3. Do not buy online what you can buy in the store

If this store is is exclusively online, you can ignore this. But if it’s not, visiting the store in person and looking at your prospective item will end up saving you disappointment and possibly dollars in the long run. If there’s a skirt you’ve seen and love, stop by the store and try it on for size (literally). If you’re looking for a rug to warm up your space, go see it in person with some fabric samples. Nothing is worse than the anticipation of a purchase arriving in the mail only to have to return it.

5. Know what you want and do not settle for less

This is probably my golden rule of shopping in general. After years of buying items that looked close enough to the items that I actually wanted, I would eventually come across the items that I was actually looking for. I would then either buy the item I really desired and spend twice as much money as I should have, or not buy it and be stuck with a version  that now seemed sub-par. Chances are you will come across that perfect purchase sooner or later, and when that time comes you’re going to wish you hadn’t settled.

5. Check for online discounts

I’m honestly shocked more people have not taken advantage of this. Checking for online discounts, coupons, and codes can save you hundreds of dollars and is as simple as searching “Store X Coupons.” Simple, fast, easy.


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